> Bidirectional Converter


Product Highlights

  • PV & energy storage integrated design, PV module, battery bank and power grid access simultaneously

  • Direct DC coupling from PV to battery, higher charging efficiency

  • Support on grid and off grid operation, built-in virtual synchronous generator control mode

  • Off grid mode support 100% three-phase unbalanced load, Strong resistance to load impact

  • Support On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation, built-in active and reactive control function

  • Integrated intelligent energy management system, Optimize the use of renewable energy

  • Wide DC input voltage, good for retired power battery echelon reuse

  • Suitable for energy management and monitoring applications such as energy storage systems

  • Support time-segment multi operation mode preset, have anti grid power reverse function

  • Multi communication interfaces available, meets the needs of various networking modes and remote dispatching

  • Real time display energy storage system equipment operation parameters

  • Maintenance bypass function

  • Optional access port for diesel generator

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